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Kamran Mirza, son of Shah Mahmud, blinds Fath Khan at Herat. Muhammed Azim Khan, eldest surviving member of the Payendah Khel, becomes ruler of Kabul Lieutenant Eldred Pottinger of the Bombay Artillery travels in Afghanistan and reaches Herat.Shah Mahmud defeated by forces under Dost Muhammad Khan of the Payendah Khel. Herat besieged by Persians; Pottinger aids the Wazir, Yar Muhammad, in its defence. Alexander Bumes sent on a commercial mission from the Government of India to Dost Muhammad Khan; Dost Muhammad Khan receives Captain Vitkevitch, a Russian envoy, in Kabul Apart from official documents in the India Office Records, there are also plenty of travelogues generated during this period.Acknowledges the efforts made by the ANDSF but draws attention to their limited capabilities to undertake comprehensive security provision in Afghanistan; calls on the EU and international actors to continue technical support and training to assist in improving the security situation; 6.

Before ordering see printed catalogue for full description and shelfmarks.29 volumes, 1828 - 1853MOORCROFT (William )Moorcroft Collection: journals, correspondence and notes of William Moorcroft (1765?whereas the EU is Afghanistan’s largest development cooperation partner; whereas the EU and its Member States committed EUR 5 billion of the total EUR 13.6 billion pledged to Afghanistan for the period 2016-2020 during the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan in October 2016; whereas in 2016 the EU provided EUR 32 million in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan; G.whereas the EU-Afghanistan Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development was signed in February 2017, establishing a legal framework for EU support to Afghanistan’s reform programme under the ‘Decade of Transformation 2015-2024’; H.whereas the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which was established in 2002, supports the Afghan Government in its efforts to achieve peace, the protection of human rights and good governance; whereas its mandate is renewed annually by the UN Security Council and was most recently unanimously extended to 2018; M.whereas poppy production for illegal narcotics has increased substantially in recent years; whereas the illegal drugs trade is a major source of revenue for the Taliban; whereas opium grown in Afghanistan is the primary source of heroin entering the EU; N.

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  1. Recalls that the production and trafficking of opium in Afghanistan has devastating consequences on the local population and the overall security of the country; stresses therefore the importance of stemming the production and flow of opium in order to address drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism; urges the EU to work with regional partners in order to support the implementation of the Afghan National Drug Control Strategy; welcomes the support the EU gives to the regional UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) programme on counter-narcotics; 8.