Accomodating strategy in negotiation

For example, turning up with reams of paperwork to discuss a team member's request for a day off will likely cause amusement, dismay or resentment.

Equally, having no hard data to hand at a crisis board meeting will almost certainly damage your reputation within your organization.

Use this list to help you to prepare: You can also download our Negotiation Preparation Worksheet here.

Many people assume that there is one "ideal" or "correct" style of negotiation that we should all be aiming for. Just as the subject – and seriousness – of your negotiation may change, so can the way that you negotiate.

No matter how prepared you are, or how carefully you follow your chosen approach, you'll need to draw on a range of soft skills to finally win the other party over.

As you might expect, you'll need to be assertive will help you here, by matching your level of intuition with your more conscious influencing capabilities.

This style of negotiation can be appropriate when you're, for example, buying or selling real estate.

You'll likely have no contact with the other party afterwards so you can "go all out" for what you want without fear of embarrassment or reprisals.

A good negotiator finds a mutually acceptable way forward, instead of being at loggerheads with people who hold different views or who are working toward different goals.If you're expecting to interact with her after the deal, aim for a mutually acceptable, or win-win, outcome through integrative negotiation.But be prepared for a less balanced outcome, through distributive negotiation, if you don't.Try to achieve a win-win result by being as creative as you can about all aspects of the issue being discussed.For example, you could: can even enhance your relationship with the other party and build your professional reputation, while harder approaches may damage your chances of future success.

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Ideally, you will achieve your own goals as a result, but often you will have to compromise.

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