Alcohol recovery and dating

Sometimes this is hard for people to accept and some seem to recognize it quite readily. In all reality, for perfectly healthy normies, the success rate of a relationship is low (and these are people that tend to cope with life better instinctually…it takes us quite a bit of step work and experience to learn how to cope…but then a lot of us get pretty decent at it 🙂 Anyways, I’m not a statistician but I do know that when you multiply two low probabilities (i.e.

The tendency to allow others to be a solution to our problems is common and dangerous. the chance of staying clean in your first year and the chance of any given relationship working), you get a much much lower probability of success.

However, if intentions and motives were above board, could going against and disobeying a major rule or suggestion in early recovery produce a successful relationship? Could two addict/alcoholics produce a positive relationship?” I wouldn’t typically reference the program of alcoholics anonymous whilst trying to articulate a valid point but it seems pretty natural seeing how that’s all that you could regurgitate in your reply! Nothing wrong with taking suggestions and following rules, definitely something wrong with not being able to produce any thought or emotion without using AA Big book as the true spoken gospel!When you get sober, you’re given a new lease on life and it is too often just used as a prison sentence!Yes, I ignored the rule, but I am still in that healthy, sober relationship to this day (4 years and counting!) I agree that the added support and understanding that we gave each other made this easier, not harder, to maintain sobriety.

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