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then...", "because", and "necessarily", are all operators.A logical operator is said to be on the truth or falsity of the statements from which they are constructed.All information on this site is in compliance with the US Federal Law.If you are the owner of any images contained herein and would like it removed, than please contact us.These are, of course, cornerstones of classical propositional logic.There is some evidence that Aristotle, or at least his successor at the Lyceum, Theophrastus (d.However, in his metaphysical writings, Aristotle espoused two principles of great importance in propositional logic, which have since come to be called the .

However, there are other forms of propositional logic in which other truth-values are considered, or in which there is consideration of connectives that are used to produce statements whose truth-values depend not simply on the truth-values of the parts, but additional things such as their necessity, possibility or relatedness to one another.

However, in propositional logic, simple statements are considered as indivisible wholes, and those logical relationships and properties that involve parts of statements such as their subjects and predicates are not taken into consideration.

Propositional logic can be thought of as primarily the study of logical operators.

(These notions are defined below.) Propositional logic also studies way of modifying statements, such as the addition of the word "not" that is used to change an affirmative statement into a negative statement.

Here, the fundamental logical principle involved is that if a given affirmative statement is true, the negation of that statement is false, and if a given affirmative statement is false, the negation of that statement is true.

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