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We weren't expected to come back, it was a one-way ticket for me."The marines were rounded up and taken as prisoners of war to Argentina, but were returned home shortly afterwards where they were feted as national heroes.S/C Thomsen, now 51, rose to the rank of sergeant and was later team leader of the Royal Marines freefall display team.Holed beneath the water line, its Exocet launchers and front gun destroyed, the listing ship limped away from the island.In his book, Too Few Too Far, S/C Thomsen described how he and his comrades never expected to live and so were not afraid to push their luck.Urged by its commanders not to surrender to enemy troops advancing on the tiny Atlantic outpost of South Georgia, the small band managed to shoot down a helicopter gunship and disable a warship in an action described as a modern day "Rorke's Drift".The Argentines never revealed how many the men they lost that day, but the two-hour battle gave the Junta its first bloody nose and Margaret Thatcher the evidence she needed to convince the House of Commons that the Falklands could be won back.THEY WILL ALSO CATCH HOGS, AND IF A COYOTE JUMPS IN THE YARD WITH THEM HE IS DEAD. I CAN ROAD THESE DOGS IN THE MOUNTAINS, AND AS YOU SEE I KEEP THEM TRIM BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING DOGS.THEY ARE VERY STABLE MINDED DOGS AND CAN BE TRUSTED WITH KIDS THESE DOGS HAVE A "ON OFF SWITCH" WHICH MAKES THEM VERY PLEASANT TO BE AROUND. BOTH HAVE PROVEN TO BE VERY HARD DOGS AND IN TRUE TOSA FORM THEY BOTH HAVE EXTREMELY HIGH PAIN THRESHOLDS. I HAVE PERSONALLY WORKED THESE DOGS AND TESTED THEM VERY HARD. HE DOES NOT NEED ANY HELP FROM ANOTHER CATCH DOG, HE CAN HANDLE BIG BOARS BY HIMSELF.

Lt Mills sent a message to the HMS Endurance, the Royal Navy's Ice Patrol ship in the Falklands, asking for instructions.He is married with two children and lives on the south coast. NOT THE SLOPPY LAZY TYPE, THESE ARE LARGE HIGH DRIVE DOGS THAT WILL PROTECT YOU AND YOUR HOUSE.As hundreds of Argentine troops swarmed onto the island, they decided to take out a warship.Using a combination of bazookas and small arms fire, they targeted the Argentine Corvette ARA Guerrico which was too close to shore to use its own guns.

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