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Like the proverbial elephant in the room, dating is a massive part of these young people’s lives, and yet no one wants to acknowledge it. When he was 24, Kamey had an active dating life, and he wanted to talk about it.He upended social norms by starting a blog called Since Being Single wherein he spoke candidly about the trials and tribulations as a British Asian man dating in the UK.I’m dating a girl now that six months ago I couldn’t even say hi to — all because of you.” Since Being Single has a small team of fewer than 10 full-timers, but they oversee quite a lot of events and workshops across the UK.Whether handling customer concerns or developing trendy marketing strategies, the team approaches every new project with enthusiasm because they know their work changes lives.

“We’re sharing what we’ve learned to help people find love faster and help them grow.” In the coming years, Kamey said the team plans to unveil new programs to guide singles in the British Asian dating scene.Every blog post and mentoring session is an opportunity to give someone a new perspective on dating — and inspire them to take positive action to get a date.“We’re very bold in how we talk to people, and they love that authenticity,” Kamey said. We’re here to give them what they need, and everything we do is based around our user.” From the outset, the Since Being Single team hasn’t been afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of the dating market with new products and programs.The young man felt astounded and gratified that so many people trusted his advice, and he answered their questions as best he could by drawing from his experiences. In 2015, the Since Being Single team ranked alongside as finalists for the Most Innovative Dating Company at the UK Dating Awards. “It’s a full-blown dating platform with advice, workshops, and seminars.When readers began asking how they could sign up to Since Being Single, Kamey realized he had created an online community where Asian singles could talk about dating, but what they needed was a place where they could meet and date one another. What Since Being Single is about is finding love and growing together.” Since Being Single’s target audience is Asian singles between 23 and 40 years old.

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