Behavior when hanging out vs dating

If I'm attracted to a guy, then I really can't befriend him.

I'll be "friendly," but a real friendship requires some level of honesty and ease.

As we know, there are always two sides to every story.

Maybe you’re the one thinking you’re just hanging out with a friend, only to discover they have other intentions.

If you can do a really good Kermit imitation, I'm yours.

Attraction is also the feeling of being in sync with someone.

I was interviewed by “The List” for dating advice to help singles figure out if they are dating or hanging out. It can be confusing with some to know if you are dating or just friends.

This is happening more and more to single women of all ages.

I also have friends who don't share their different friend circles, for fear of social miscegenation.Also, everyone has had or been a "bad friend" at some point in their lives, right?I've found that the only real distinction between friend and boyfriend is the attraction factor.According to Paul Dobransky, PT Blogger and co-author of This list makes more sense.Attraction must always be present and must always come prior to any romantic connection.

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