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Some pests may also migrate into citrus from adjacent field or forage crops when these are harvested.

Given that the distribution of these insects is rarely uniform, some monitoring effort should be directed towards delineating the boundaries of an infestation prior to any chemical application so that treatment can be limited to affected blocks only.

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The insects listed in this section are generalist feeders for which citrus is not a preferred host.

They are, therefore, only sporadic problems in Florida citrus.

Thin-skinned varieties such as Hamlin are especially vulnerable.

Orangedog eggs are large, round, semi-translucent, orange in color, and easily recognized on the expanding terminals where they are typically laid.

The developing larvae are shiny brown and white, resembling bird-droppings and feed preferentially on the new leaves.

Timely weed control may often avert plant bug problems whereas mowing or herbiciding infested weeds may exacerbate a problem.

In such a case insecticidal control may be necessary.

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