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Visiting Rockland Psych is also like taking a trip back in time, as so wonderfully little has changed.Even little details, like these awesome street lights…What I didn’t realize is that these gates surround a massive, 600 acre insane asylum from the 1920’s – and nearly all of it abandoned.This is the Rockland County Psychiatric Center, built in 1927, and “sprawling” does not do it justice.I’m not sure where everyone gets that I know a lot about hostels because I never write about them and have rarely even mentioned them in my writing and certainly not in years.I guess people assume I do because of what I’ve done and the fact that I am still young.

I did however, stay in hostels for years as a younger traveler. You never want to be that creepy old guy in the hostel.You know the dude who is fat, old, bald, walks around in his underwear and still likes to hang out with gap year kids.He gets wasted at the bar and tries to rap to 20 year old girls about his vast traveling and life experiences.…made me feel I should be driving an old jalopy to pick up my buddy Norman Bates from his weekly session.Very few places I’ve been to have offered such an all-encompassing out-of-time experience as simply driving down this long, snow-covered road past boarded up buildings: I couldn’t stop thinking of questions: how many thousands of patients had passed through Rockland Psych during its operation?

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