Consolidating credit card debt into one loan

As a result, when you overcharge or rely too much on credit, your bills can get out of control and start to take over your budget.You pay more and more, but never seem to get anywhere.Looking for relief from high interest rate credit card debt?Credit card debt consolidation could be the answer you need.The costs to use this option are also relatively low; you usually only need to pay loan origination fees, although some lenders may waive them.

Here is how each of these solutions work: With balance transfers, you move the balances from your existing credit cards to a new balance transfer credit card.Ideally, with excellent credit, you can qualify for 0% APR for up to 48 months.That gives you two years (24 payments) to focus solely on paying off principal interest-free.That’s because even with average credit card APR, interest charges eat up more than half of every payment you make.So, even though you meet the minimum payments month after month, you don’t get any closer to zero.

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That can make it easier to plan ahead for debt repayment than the typical revolving payments you see with credit cards.

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