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For over 5,000 years, human beings have been using nail polish for their nails.Nail polish finds it’s origins in China right around 3000 B. The common ingredients used to make this form Read More A recent survey shows that only 4% of the world’s women believe that they look beautiful.That means a person can purchase a certain amount of the product (via commodity shares) and expect the value to go up or down.While stocks are considered somewhat risky investments, Read More You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when throwing together a birthday bash.

After all, 23% of people who have a permanent tattoo regret getting it!In fact, it’s often the classics that create our fondest memories.There are plenty of old-fashioned ways to create a party that lingers in everybody’s minds for months after the fact. Decorating yourself with metallic temporary tattoos and enacting your wildest fantasies of being a secret forest fairy with your best friends.Not to mention that temporary fashion tattoos let you avoid being one of the 10% of people who get infections or other unpleasant reactions that sometimes come with permanent tattoo.One of the groups most interested in glitter temporary tattoos and other forms of non-permanent tats, though, are the kids!

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In times when it seems like there is simply too much going wrong in the world it is important to find a way to come to grips with what you can do.

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