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1662-1722): 1689 Treaty of Nerchinsk Recovering Taiwan: Qing Emperor Yongzheng (Qing Shizong, Aixinjueluo Yin-zhen, r. 1603 to 1624, Ming China exerted hundreds of ships and thousands of soldiers to repelling the Dutch from the Chinese coasts and the Pescadores Islands.

1723-1735): Qing Emperor Qianlong (Qing Gaozong, Aixinjueluo Hong-li, r. Oftentimes, numerous small Ming ships encircled the big Dutch warships for sake of winning the fight.

1644-1661): Qing Emperor Kangxi (Qing Shengzu, Aixinjueluo Xuan-ye, r.

China, in addition to losing to the Europeans and the Japanese hundreds of tons of gold, silver & wealth that were accumulated over the span of 5000 years, would lose almost one century worth of souls for nothing. ) Per Cai Dongfan, opium first reached China during Ming Emperor Shenzong's reign. 1573-1620) was addicted to it and named it 'Fu Shou Gao'.

The Dutch had conducted the opium trading from the 17th century onward. 1689, the English began trading at Canton and by the early 1770's they surpassed the Portuguese, Dutch and French to "became the leading supplier" to China.

The East India Companys monopoly on the tea trade was more of a reason for the American Revolution than the cost of the tax.

Through a political arrangement the tea was actually coming in for less than it could be bought in England. Joshua Bates, a partner in Baring Brothers Bank, handled the family business in London. Russell Sturgis's grandson later became Chairman of the Board of Barings. found that illegality both in nature and operation discouraged competition and used sporadic attempts by the Chinese Government to enforce their opium prohibition, "to [build] the machinery that allowed it to control the Canton market for Turkish opium." Perkins & Company became the first American firm to operate a "storeship" at Lintin in a new smuggling procedure.

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