Default global address list not updating

Please check the video also in regards to recovery of deleted emails from office 365 admin center and through the MFCMAPI tool.I have mentioned each and every step with the proper steps that need to be taken care of.

FORCE OUTLOOK TO UPDATE THE OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK 1. Just to be sure here: GAL = Global Address List = is used by Outlook clients in Online mode (terminal servers) and OWA. Do we have to ask each user to manually update their OAB or will this happen automatically? To answer your questions: By manually downloading you ensure that it gets done right away.Now we will need to verify that the update actually took place (Keep in mind that you would have to give the update about 10 minutes to ensure that it has completed) 6. Regards, Hendrik Wiese I think you are mixing GAL and OAB here.Browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OA Services 8.2 Locate the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service 8.3 Now Right Click on the service and select Restart 9. And finally click the Download Address Book to download latest copy IF OUTLOOK STILL DON'T HAVE THE UPDATED LIST, TRY THE FOLLOWING Try deleting the user's oab files then have the user re-download the Address Book. The GAL is updated regularly several times in a day, the OAB in the other hand is updating only 1 time a day (at night by default).Everything goes well, the new users signs into Windows, launches Outlook, and the wizard starts setting up their mailbox.Then I get an error message: "The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list." This only seems to be affecting new users.

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