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I wonder what he would have thought of the Soviet leaders after Stalin, had he lived to witness the changes there.Also starring Romy Schneider and Valentina Cortese.Through speech, writings, and example she held up Scripture, never swerving in her submission to the Word of God. She oversaw the expansion of the church's healing ministry through the development of Western sanitariums, known today as primary acute-care hospitals.

The challenge to the accomplishment of that anthropological center of purpose is found in her larger framework: the conflict between Christ and Satan.

Her prolific pen (over 100,000 manuscript pages) included counsel, admonition and wisdom on topics as wide ranging as salvation, health, leadership, careers, relationships, parenting, social justice, and education.

Though she described historical events, particularly those events impacting the great controversy, she is not considered to be either a historian or a scientist.

In fact, with great frequency God is referred to as the actual Person speaking through the prophet. The message of a prophet was always considered equivalent to direct speech from God.

For example, Elijahs words in 1 Kings are referred to in 2 Kings -26 as the oracle that the Lord uttered. In fact, this identification of a prophets words with Gods words is so strong in the Old Testament that often we read of Gods speaking through a prophet, and disobeying a prophets word was tantamount to disobeying God.

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