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The key to making speed networking work, is to take those contacts and develop them over time into "credible" relationships that lead to "profitable" referral partners.

Some people have likened speed networking to speed dating.

While there are clearly some similarities, there is also a subtle but significant difference.

Speed dating is done to eliminate potential suitors and keep from wasting time on people with whom you share no common interests and no mutual attraction.

They are fairly structured in the way people queue up to meet.

In the clip's description, Mitchell asks if it's "possible to be lonely when you have 100K followers.""I wanted to open up to you and talk about the difficulties and challenges that my career has imposed upon my dating life," he adds.You'll realize the reason you went to the speed networking exercise in the first place: to develop more referral business.I believe speed networking can work if it's done the right way.Forget about mining her database or trying to determine who she knows to further your goals. If you're not provided some type of contact card on which you can jot notes while in the exercise, be sure to use your own pad of paper to write down the information you discover. If you don't follow up with those you meet during the speed networking exercise, you will only have succeeded in wasting your time--which is exactly what you were trying to avoid by attending the event in the first place.In working to mutually benefit one another, ask questions that'll clarify where and how you can best help your new referral source. Be sure to note the person's interests and goals you could help achieve. Collect the business cards of each person you sit with during the exercise.

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  1. We help these people identify the right matches, but then we go further, we play the role of go-between where we have counselors for the members. The nicest stories are typically people you would not expect to get married, like a man who was 72 and a 63-year-old woman who found each other.