Jane mangini

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Setsuko Berry, Margaret Banks, Ursula Simmons, Lucy D’Amico, Jan, Agi Emmanuell, Carol Copp, Kate, Amy and Sarah, Milford Grange RSL Care Knitting Group, The Mac Leay Island Craft Group, Helen Boling, Anne Marie Withers, Barb Stevens, Jean Coulter, Vicki Mitchell, Helen Pearce, Val Ballantyne and Janine Golding of the Probus Club of Bulleen Heights, Joan Charlton, Jeanette Russell, Nadine Greenaway, Joanne Dick, Tase Lucas, Anette Mc Crae, Group Captain Wendy Horder, Robyn Fox, Lois Jasper, Jill Clark, Muriel Harmer and the Lower Templestowe Ladies Probus Craft Group, Betty Pitt, Moira Pritchard, Narelle Carmel Wright, Ann Bacon, Avis Hicks, June Cummings, Rozzana Muzammil, Sriyani Perera, Bacchus Marsh Friendship Quilters, Sue Egglestone, Marg Battisson, Deb Lewis, Carole Martinez, Doreen Reynolds, Ringwood View Club with Love, Glenyse Harmer, Eileen Blythe, Helen Babauta, Lynette Mitchell, Bega Valley Shire Library incl. 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Mc Intosh, Kerry Brack, Wendy Diver and the Kuringai Group of the NSW Knitters Guild, Wendy Rabone, Patricia Redwood, Wendy Demaine, Mrs M. Maetam, Heather Anderson, Jan Berry, Janet Welch, Jennifer Gent, Jennifer Luscombe, Jill Smith, Jodie, Jodie Kilworth, Judy Brien, Julie Collins, June Blamires, Kate Moloney, Kumiko Michishita, Lenny Vernall, Linda Jeffree, Linda Mangini, Liz Robertson, Lucy D’Amico, Lynette Mc Hugh Campton, Lynn Berry, Marg Mc Kenzie, Margaret Banks, Margaret Knight, Marie Atkinson, Marj Horn, Maureen Fleming, Melinda Gibson, Merrin Hartrick, Moira Ruth, Pennie Cornwell, Robin Besley, Ros Sawa, Sandra Marczenko, Setsuko Berry, Sue Egglestone, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood House, Tricia Arthur, Wanda Mc Pherson, Beryl Worsley, Susan Campbell-Wright, Helen Tular Sept and October 2017 Mrs T Oberg, M Edgar, Mrs Nadine Greenaway, Louise Strasser, Kerri Stinson, Jodi & Bev Lunson, Deidre Swan, Louise Thwaite, C Sherwell, Shelley Cass, Vicki Jutson, A Read, Dot Sunderland, Cathy Sedgwick, Helena Suess Linda Sexton Di Toole Alan & Anne Jefferys Gwen Roberts, Ian and Margaret, Ferrie, Jenane Lucken, Partners of 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Annie Notley, Barbara Gleeson, Benita Macabio, Beth Constable, Bev Carra, Beverley Feeney, Beverley Steinback, C Bathis, C Parton , Carole Pepper, Catherine Bowman, Catherine Chandler(nee O’Leary), Catherine Valpiani, Catherine Woodward, Christine Phillips Crafty Saints – Iris and Marnie James, Cynthia Deane, Deanne Foster, Deb Layt, Desley Lobley, Dianne Berry, Dianne Esdale, Dot Balbinot, E Ralston, Elaine Diana Rickards nee Goyne, Fran Westbury, Frances Kravec, Gail Prime, Gwen Collins, Helen Hall, Helen Kusler Helen Tuaney, J Smirk, Jackie Hall, Jackie Pool, Jansen, Jean Clarke, Jenny Crump, Jo Stuchbery, Joy Cook, Judy Cooper, K Johnson, Karen Mc Fadzen, Karyn Johnston, Kate Cooke Kathryn Essex, Kaye Stefanovic, L Dawson, Leonie Conlon, Linda Goodman, Lorraine Miller Lyn Barnes, Lynne Fisher Gerric, M Baker, M Dufty, Margaret, Marie Papiccio, Marjie Mclean Mitchell, Mary Jane Morris, Maureen Diamond, Moira Ferres, Mrs Diane Parker, Mrs Judith Lego, Mrs P Argiro, Mrs R Bishop, Mrs 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S Ferns, Trish Long, Wendy Rutter, S Morley, Anne Amey, Debra Jones, Sheila Ainge Lois Dean, Peter Berman, Kathy Templeton, Roma Pritchard, Elsie Dingwall, Debbie Roberts Mala Wood, Catherine d’Apice K Deane, Karen Amos, Catherine Jayet and Bernice Goon Chew, M Hailes, Vera Thompson Lynne Neems, Jane Fisher, Harvey, Crowe & Dorr, Anne Sterck, S Baxendell, Joan Attenborough, Shirley Good, Sue Woodward, Helen Dangerfield, Marie Cherry, Linda Judith Langton, Helen Deakin, Robyn Cox, A Kollowski, Niki Dibben, Wendy Plane Sureepom Swarbric k, Lynne Wood, Dawn Baker, L Fielding, J Attenborough, Lynne Harwood Chevie Soto, S J Cowell, June Ryan, J M Howell, Shirley Christie, Anne Barnier, M Simpson L Meulen, Robin Vaughan, J L Courtney, Bailey Buchanan Wakefield, Leah Wilson-Barling Pennie Briese, B Goody, Mrs Heather Elshaug, Susan Brocks, Karen , Jodie & Bev Lunson Dena Goold, Sandra Tweedie, M Gooding, Cheryl Bulmer, Clare Cantwell, Debra Cooper Jeanne Harper, Kate Gerber, Narelle Sharpe and Ann Jones, Angela Richardson Helen Dangerfield, Debra and Jean Newall, Barbara Fulton, Melissa Wattus, Justine Lousia Betlehem, Leonie Jamieson, Di Wilson, Rae Snoad, Jan Roseby, Judy Kane, Leanne Arthur Marie Cherry, Linda Peate, Allison Parker, Robyn Murray, Lynette Hawes, Thea Brand, T Tidswell, Charlotte Pettigrew, Ms Ruth Mitchell, Heather Binns, Mrs Hilary Chervatin Anita Lenkic (nee Morris), Zekiye Altug, Heather Harrington,.

Malcolm, QCWA Kumbia Branch, Ursula Simmons, Lucy D’Amico, Templestowe Lower Probus Ladies Craft Group, Muriel Harmer, Margaret Banks, Steel Creek Craft Group, Narelle (Patchworkers and Quilters), Bannockburn Aged Care Facility Residents, Susan Harper, Benjamin Baker, Snoihed, Gogh & Sreeja, Rosemark Broise Natalie Karen Joy Mc Coll, Olivia, Feng Meng Ting, Ben, Kristine, Dianne Collyer, Millie, Carrdee, Kayden, Said, Sai Ping, Judi Mc Kinna, Adist, Cecile Jankovic, Holly, Lisa Freitag, Vella, Barry, Grace, Carina Stanley, Damien Dunber, Paige, Stanley, Jessica, Svenja, Prayag Patel, Marilia, Marilia, Taylor, Ashley Hanna Kilpatrick, Dannii Jennings, Kia Kama, Simon, Rachel Baker, Skye Blake, Emily & Jodie Park, Dannie Baker, Amelia, Alexis Watson, Iremide Ahyonrinde, Timi, Ayonrinde, Ruby Keech, Kayode Ayonrinde, Maya, Makayla, Arielle Denyer, Julia Hahnle, Kelli, Isabella Hall, Andrea Toull, Joe, Michelle Truong, Elizabeth Morrison, Luke Cornelius, Akira, Roby, Leah Mc Neil, Rawa, Ellie Blake, Yen Acu, Carrdee M., Elizabeth Morrison, Lily P, Ricky, Angela, Darren Scott, Hai Ling, Imogen, Sonia Lai, Kate, Anita and Rachel Morris, Olivia Young, Broole Smith, Maria, Shirley Rao, Carmel, Makayla Lofts, Deepa Shah, Kavya, Hannah Wong, Cynthia, Chloe Morgan, Noar Aeg, Brodie Park, Paula Yeo, Judi Mc Kinna, Sara Beasley, Rocky, Taylor Boyle, Ashley Boyle, Alexandra Constance Rowe, Karen-Joy Mc Coll, , Pam Hunton, Wincy Mui, Thao Acu, Vivian, Charlie and Lachlan, Lailah Rel, Carolyn Ward and Family, Maria Sapalidor, Lucinda, Leasa Eldridge, Judy Brydon, Ly Ming Zhong, Holly, Britney Nguyen, L. Mentioned, Monica, Rina Nga, Jack Pace, Rowan Kilpatrick, Penny Fleming, Grace Mc Harg, Yvette, Lin Zew Zhen, Kristina, Maotao Gno, Nancy Lugo, Maggie, Dane Eralp, Emily Lara Ray, John Callus, Bernadette, Liora Wilson, Dawn Lin, Qian Dong, Walter, Cecile and Glenis Tosch, Carina, Amelia Hall, Amelie Wilson, Claire J. Grose, Berris Simmons, Fran Batrouney, Haune Blake, Margaret Anderson, Marg Mc Kenzie, Glenis Bourchier, Setsuko Berry, Shirley, Enid and Margaret Banks, Lucy D’Amico, Janet Welsch, Emmeline Tyler and Sandra Marczenko Merle Craig, Ellen Mc Bride, Pam Smith, Joyce Libke, Gabrielle O’Brien, Chris Field, Rhonda Ilias, Anne Casey, Pauline Byrne, P. Ladies Auxiliary, U3A Knox through Tutor Betty Coulson … Alison Dorr, Sandra Ball Nellene Hill, Rosemary, Anne Munns, Alex Bridge, Karin Watkins, Noelene Michaels Kate Parton (Reid), Maggi Burchall, Ann Ford, Barb Rowe, Sharolyn Hodgson, Iris Bodell Rachel Slattery, Louise Strasser, Joyce Hanley, Pam Thomson, Elaine Mc Donald, Dawn Brown R Hamilton, Margaret Reilly, June Downes, Mary Cloran, Monica Byrnes, M Brown Leanne Doherty, Maxine Bailey, Elaine Langworthy, E Lees, Corbin, Mary Johns, Marcia Doyle Lizz Evans, Pauline Lee, Lindsey Donelan, Yvonne Linke, Maxins Morgan, C Mines Jane Granger, Sara Meridionale, Marian Ippoliti, Emily Hicks and Lauren Scott, Charlotte Cooney, Larissa Wenman, Carole Newton, Susan Skinner, Ann Connell & Melissa Mc Lean Carolyn Mills, Winifred Nicholson, Cheryl Murdoch, G J Konig, Sylvia Margan, Patricia Walters, Suzanne Stanesby and Kath Kerr, Lyn Giblett and Barb Watts, Mrs Nicky Cooper Ginny Dolan, Lynn Kennedy, June Colin_Thome, Linda Gray, Walters, Barbara Schmidt October 2017 Thank you to all the following contributors who have sent their poppies to PHQ in the last two weeks. (If there are any typing errors, please contact me at this email address only…[email protected]) L Mc Closkey, G Williams, Joy Cook, Sue Ellwood, Jenny Searle, Helen Giannakopoulos W Simmons, , R England, , D & N Esdale, Jackie Black, Barbara Houghton, Nancy Thomas Carol Reid, Jenny Thompson, V Wills, Ann Hodgens, Carol In’Tvenn, Robyn Murray Susan Brooks, C Redfern, , Gemma Heness, R & M Holland, Ann Denton, Jenine Liddelow Veronica A M Levay, Mrs C Taylor, Margaret Dalibozek, Gilliam Laughton, Heather Grey Tina Salisbury, I O Clark, Mary Crutcher, Diana Heaford, Judy Firkins, Sonia Rothbury Roxanne Peterie, Sophia Zimmermann, F Wieck, WJ & H Smallbone, Joan Dusting Lutheran Community Centre, Marie Glenfield, C Beard, C Waits, Carol Gibbs, Ursula Simmons, Janet Shaw, Wendy Griffin, Joan Manfield. Nola Finn, Rosemary Barr Heather Wakefield, Bev Ellis, Beth Vince, Catherine Wagstaffe, Apolonia Niemirowski, Waverley Clark, Irene Preston , Margaret Dantchuk, Deidre Swan, Lynda Barr, Beryl Stuart Carolyn Collins, Liz Hergstrom, Samita and Vicki Young Glenda Mann, Esma Felmingham, Val Lindquist, Elaine Mc Carthy, Vivienne Parkin, Katamatite Uniting Church Craft Group, Denise Rowe, Kaye Poustie, Marilyn Collins Kirralee Aged Care, Marilyn Clarke, Margaret Knoop, Racheal Matenga, Heather Winter R W & H J Dinse, Gabrielle & Lisa, Bev Evans, L Binse, Lynne & Kerree, Angie Hawking M Rogerson , Kathy Nolan, Lynda Edwards, Mary May, Sandra & Andrea Glen, Julie Evans Virginia Swanton, Margaret Graham & Lily Wade, Fran Cannadre, Sue Everson, Sally Cocks Milang Fibre Art Group, Nadine Greenaway, Maree Guppy, Deb Holmes & Geelong West Neighbourhood Centre, Barbar Williams, Jenniffer Sterland, Fiona Young, J Denison Nancy Strickland, Kathleen Bennett, Christine Peters, Firman, K Thomas, Jean Muir & Margaret Mc Donald, J Van Ooran, Jill Overton, QCWA, Sue Jensen, Yvonne Batty, Mrs M Boller, Dalgleish A, P Mc Donald, J A Hughes, Elaine M Rhondes, Faye Webb, Mrs M Mc Carthy Greenaway, Melissa Urquhart, Shirley Berry & Carol Carden, Buckham, Carole Cox Catherine Muckett, Megan Adams, Christine Lydiate, Dorothy Allison, Brenda Simpson DK & AH Simms, L Bessell, E Ralston, Wright, Mary George, Jim & Trish Patton, Bev Watson Anna Deftcos, Anne Stanley, Kaye Hawkins, Dawn Townsend, Lynette Larkin, Faye Crowe Mrs Vicki Gulliver, Sandra Pride, Gale Wainwright, Sharon Stotz, Delia Meagher Diane Light, Jennifer Graham, Carol Int’Veen, Glenys Goda, Sue Brookshaw, Lae Waters Bev Eades, Ethnie Grieb, Lynne Neems, Lyn Tremellen, Judith Hogan, Lesley Hawksworth Rowena Church, Robyn Thompson, Yarra Valley Regional Library Service, John and Val Hulls Anne Amey, Maureen Spencer/ Avoca Beach Red Cross, Ms Karen Ougham, Carolyn Daniels, Bernedette Henningsen, Dora Johnson-Smith Sarah Strong and Noela Dawkins, Marilyn Healy, Dawne Hedges, Diane Collyer, Carmel Jolley, Helen Aitken, Wilma Aylward, Eleanor Walker, Ann Bailey, Janis Oakley, Kathy Schor, Rosemary Broise, Ellen Fleming, Debra Lewis, Susan Mc Dougall , Ing Cuttiford , Maryanne Watson, Dianne Ling, Victoria (Tori) Ling, Sarah Wolley, Robyn Ianweather, Meredith Atilemile, Inah Fletcher, Gerard Atilemile, Dawn Cass, Ros Franet, Rana Wilson, Lucy D’Amico, Diana Roberts, Annette Mcrae, Deanne Mclean, Jessica Mclean, Natasha Hutchinson, Janet Welch, Anne Carruthers, Carolyn Hughes, Hilda Nicolson Halime (Helen) Alpogut, Pat Hart, Margaret Ray, Lynne Mclaine, Ksenia Lubimov, Silvana Ravell, Wendy Togni Elliminyt, Kathy Gibson, Barbara Robinson, Susie Gerritsen, Kerin Donnan, Simone Chettle, Rita Theodore, Bambi Mclean, Elizabeth Ross, Cheryle Hoban, Michelle Cribbes, Jan Wicking, Pam Donohoe, Claire Harrop, Joy Stanley, Linda Cain, Rana, Bettanne Foster, Judy Jones, Patricia Mc Bride, Sue Frederick, Alesa Kaziol, Susan, Lyn Catlin, Charlotte Hornabrook, Carolyn Burns, Lyn Hume, Kerrie Henderson, Christine Hewitt, Patricia Pino (Patty), Judi Mc Kinna, V Alexander, Heather Harrington, Rhonda Le Gallez, Mavis Hall, Sue Simmons, Joy Bibby and Mollie King, Lois Grenfell, Annette Mc Dougall, Delwyn and Andrea, Phillipa, P J Wallis, Mrs R Butler, Mrs Carol Ann Smith, Mrs D Dale, Moi Rodger, Julie Cogley, Ann Roberts, June Connolly , Melissa Sultana, Veronica Grey, Marianne Vivaldo, Inge Major, Nerida Day, Kimberley Basso, Susan, Kaz Bodman, P Cummings, Vanessa Zeeman, Own & Maree Bruce, Gael Norvat, Patricia Pino, Susan Brooks, Meryl Birch, M Marie, Lisa Kerr, Anne Le Grand, Liz Osa-Ema, Beverley Brooking, De Hampel, J Pugh, M Mc Dermott, Leisa Dardir, Kay Mackworth, M Marshall, Daniella Dickson, B Young, C Ryan, Carol Sweeney, Pam Mulligan, K Scott, B Brooks, Heather Harris, J Frater, Penny Le Coutar, James, Mary-Ann Gage, Sandra Parnis, Shirley Anderson, Jenny Phillips and Veronica Beath, Linda Gray, Robyn Murray, D Sandall, E Thomas, J Whitbourne and J Carr , Shirley Thompson, Julie Giallo, Mrs Margaret Stewart, T Wimcot, Sally Keegan, Narelle De Lesa, Jucy Storelli, Dorothy Mahony, Rieny Anderson, K Mizzi, Lyn Sorensen, Hannah Russell, Dorothy Mahony, Fay Cheater, Denise Williams, Tania Beaufoy, Dora Johnson-Smith, Sharon L Alexander, Maureen Patterson, , Judy Mc Kay, Jan Mcdonald, Linda Cain, Anne Menzel, Lisa Brown, Barbara Hill, Deb Ruedin, Julie Slee, Marj Radford, Bev Williams, Carmel Ellul Barr, Rita Van Munster, Judith Middleton, Amanda Mar, Robyn Kerrison, Mrs Janice Simpson nee Faroe, Lucy Wheeler, Betty Gemmell, Belrose Bowling Club, Patricia Mills, Carol Gardner, Marg Brady, Susan Brooks, Mrs Roslyn Mc Baron, Denise Johns, Doriane Rout, Rose Rogers, Kerrie Vandenbergh, Grace Scheller, Therese Nutt, Mrs Jenny Geczy, Robyn Pidcock, Judy Joukador, Annette Whalley, Linda Cain, Robyn Murray, Alan T Verey & Maureen E Verey, Mavis Roberts, Mary Veruey, Rhonda Bartlett, Cheryl Hoban Helen Campbell (visiting from Canberra), Lynette O”Regan, Julie Herbert Kilsyth/Mooroolbark Chapter: Anne & Bob Bryan, Vivien Haywood, Sue Taylor, Lorell & Ian Benier, Marilyn Healey, Judith Shiel, Eleanor Walker, , Letty Griffiths , Genevieve Short Elizabeth Wallike, Frances Brunner, , Audrey Byrne (Adelaide), Michelle Westlund (NSW), Fiona Williams, Ann Bailey, Carolyn Prothero.

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