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Aside from TWC, he hasn’t worked for any other news channel, being active in the sometimes lucrative reporting business since 1986.

Jim and Alexandra have worked together and is often making fun together which made everyone suspect about their relationship status.And these stories are quite familiar with the celebrities which makes them more popular and helps to stay in the headlines. Many people suspect that she is married to her co-worker Jim Cantore which might be true or might be false.Today, on this topic, we will make you people know about Alexandra Steele.Starting with disastrous hurricanes like Andrews, he also covered the Gustav, Isabel, Floyd, Rita, Mitch, Bonnie, Sandy and Irene calamities, to name a few.He has also reported on the Winter X games as well as PGA tournaments, and he also attended one of the most promising space achievements – the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

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