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The icky state of being a nominee probably doesn’t even compare to what he thinks about the horrid state of fame. Fiennes could have finagled entry into the one-name-only clubs of Toms and Brads. He does the high camp of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. “Few people who become movie stars like Ralph want to take time out and do plays, and I think it’s tantamount to Ralph to do that. “You want to know Uzo, you gotta know about music,” Mr. “Me and Uzo, we’re big into everything.”–Margot Strohminger L. Nights: Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis Friday night, in the balmy hills of Hollywood, Paris Hilton hosted a party for her good friend Caroline D’Amore. D’Amore, an actress, model and minor pizza heiress, was turning 21.“It was literally, like, a party for Caroline, but not really–I mean, it always ends up being about Paris,” said an attendee. “Paris’s house has, like, a stripping room,” said the attendee. Hilton’s aunt, who hit the pole for a while herself.He chose not to, perhaps; or, at least, he did not. And The Avengers, which reminded audiences that they liked Mr. (“It didn’t work at all,” he said—it was supposed to be funny.)“He is drawn to the darker places of the soul in his work,” said the actress Natasha Richardson, who met and befriended the actor when her husband, Liam Neeson, was co-starring with Mr. I don’t think a year would go by without him doing a play. ,000 literary prize or no, later he is planning on med school. “Writers aren’t that different from normal people,” Mr. Ander Monson, in seersucker and with a whacky Hun-like bush of hair, flailed about all of his appendages from neck to legs. There was another surprising attendee–“Starving Nachos! ” said the source, meaning Stavros Niarchos, whose relationship with Ms. (A very thorough party report on Perez confirmed Mr.He spends his time tidying his dressing room.“I’m quite prone to anxiety,” he said, “so I love to come into my dressing room and be organized. So he’s taken me and shown me all this great stuff. A.,” she said.“It was my birthday yesterday,” she said.“Well, yup, it was her birthday yesterday,” Mr. Also under discussion was Uzodinma Iweala, hotly tipped from the pool of five nominated writers to win the night’s ,000 prize. ” He was stoked about Ethan Hawke, who is always at this thing. Hawke was joined by a white-suited Terrence Howard, whose reading Mr. Japanese backers had handed over a couple of million, “upfront, no questions asked,” but Mr. It makes me feel calm.” He’s been reading Samuel Beckett, and a biography of Beckett. Then, this February, when a young Romanian singer, later claimed by some Brit tabloids to be a high-class dominatrix, came forward with allegations that she and Mr. Headlines like “The Constant Philanderer” and “Love Rat” came fast.“His private life is his private life and he doesn’t want to go there,” said Ms. “He’s incredibly loyal—he’s someone you can count on.”“He is reserved,” said Robert Edwards, the writer and director of Mr. But I lived here for 20 years and I never get tired of it.”“I don’t know,” Ms. Woods said, “so we went to dinner at Town and had a great time, and just sort of had a romantic dinner together, which was a lot of fun and—”“He bought me more presents than anyone ever bought me in my life,” she said.“Awww,” he said. (“It was like this awkward thing,” said Sukey Tamarkin, a high-school librarian and Young Lions member, “because it used to always be Ethan and Uma. Hawke later admired as “un-fucking-believable,” and Famke Janssen. Janssen, her dress covered in tiny white polka dots, with elbow-length puffed sleeves, those enviable legs visible from the knee down, admitted she hadn’t read all the nominated books. Paul Le Clerc, in his presentation, condemned much of current American culture as a “sea of mediocrity. Hawke remained concerned because of its low-profile star. But the power of the play can just knock you out.”Mr. But I said, it’s a great opportunity for you to set up your own—make up your own DVD’s and stuff like that. “I was not being asked to the prom in 1982.”Indeed, Mr. “It’s exciting, it’s like your first kiss,” he said. The house, up Kings Road, is not “obnoxious” in size, but it’s “very well decorated. Hilton’s recent music video played continuously on several flat-screen TV’s. Hilton–regarding the hair color and freckly-ness of Lindsay Lohan’s pelvic region, thereby severing him from some of the comforts of celebdom? Fiennes has an hour and 45 minutes of backstage privacy while the other actors perform their own monologues. And I mean, I’m a Mac fanatic—I love it.”“I can’t believe he did that for me,” said Ms. Also in disbelief was a Daily News reporter, Katherine Thomson, Lloyd Grove’s stringer, who ganked part of the conversation for a bit of Mr. Odell Some Lions On Wednesday, for the Young Lions Fiction Award ceremony, the interior of the New York Public Library murmured class. At one table, Stacy Leigh of PEN talked about censorship. Iweala wrote his novella, Beasts of No Nation, as his senior thesis while still at Harvard. “I don’t mind coming across as dirty, because that’s what I am! Moody about the funding of his own recently completed film, based on his own book. Iweala seemed unsure what impact the award might have on his career. It’s very Viceroy,” said the attendee, meaning the hotel. “Not tonight, Brandon,” was the verdict on Saturday from doorman at the nightclub Hyde.“What are you talking about? Initially Kosminsky's atmospheric evocation of windswept moors and bleak interiors is encouraging, but any lurking promise is snuffed out somewhere between O' Connor and Binoche's first Goldie Hawn-ish giggling fit as the teenage Cathy.The fatal flaw lies not in the two leads - Binoche is suitably headstrong and freespirited, while Fiennes' Heathcliff is all brooding torment - but in trying to cram the whole of a particularly complex novel into two hours.

I had all the other stories [for the episode], and I was trying to come up with one [more].

Something we had always talked about was how—I think Peter was talking to someone—it was how, like, you can be dating a person, and if you tell them about a favorite movie of yours and they haven’t seen it or they don’t like it, it can be a big deal. And then I think at the time, was out, and that was sort of a dividing line; some people liked it, and some people didn't.

Julia Louis Dreyfus deserves a ton of credit for making that episode funny and memorable. In fact, I just wrote for her again as a producer on the HBO show was as you started the episode? Everyone was saying it was just so incredible, if I recall.

He’s done films like Oscar and Lucinda; the Hungarian family saga Sunshine, where he played three different characters; and David Cronenberg’s Spider, a critically acclaimed and quite little-seen film. It’s his true love.”“I love what films can be,” Mr. “But for an actor, it’s often very technical—you train yourself to remain quiet in your trailer and you wait while they change the lights, or wait for a change in the weather. The gala’s theme was “The Beautiful and Damned: The Lost Generation.” The original Lost Generation consisted of expatriate writers fighting fascism–whether for (Pound) or against (Hemingway). I mean the substance of our ideas.”It was time for the seated dinner. “Me and Uzo”–that is what they call him–“we remember what it is to be a student.”Later, Men’s Vogue associate editor Hudson Morgan hit the dance floor. “We’re velveteen rabbits,” he said, indicating his plushy friend. He said he was an awkward, gangly boy who once made a girl burst into tears just by asking her to dance. Niarchos’ attendance.)The Greek shipping-heir ex-beau spent the night at Ms.

Back in an age when movie stars weren’t required to plop themselves down for a gravitas-generating turn on Broadway, he returned to the stage, winning a Tony in 1995 for Hamlet—the only actor to ever do so. And then sometimes before you do the take, they’re like, ‘Sorry, we need to change the light and go again.’ That grinds you down. Anyway, damned or not, Ethan Hawke went on about the cultural value of culture. Rattawut Lapcharoensap and Eric Puchner, writers, made their way downstairs to the ballroom. Hilton’s house, the source said, but did not know in what capacity. She lives in a motel in New York.”)“Hyde only has a capacity of 100 people, so many people are turned away on a nightly basis,” e-mailed a representative of the nightclub’s owner, explaining that the carb-faced boy billionaire had arrived with a party of 12.

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