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Alexander announced that personal serfdom would be abolished and all peasants would be able to buy land from their landlords.The State would advance the the money to the landlords and they would recover it from the peasants in 49 annual sums known as redemption payments.(4) However, as his critics pointed out: "With a population of sixty-seven million, Russia had twenty-three million serfs belonging to 103,000 landlords.

His father, Ilya Ulyanov, a former science teacher, had recently become a local schools inspector.Then, shortly before it was necessary to hand it in, he would take some new clean sheets of paper and write the composition...referring to his notes and sources in various books." (3) His father was a monarchist and was a supporter of Tsar Alexander II and his Emancipation Manifesto that proposed 17 legislative acts that would free the serfs in Russia.She helped Vladimir with his studies and taught him to read and gave him piano lessons.He later gave this up as he thought playing the piano was "an unbecoming occupation for boys".

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They were followed by three more children, Olga (born 1871), Dmitry (born 1874), and Maria (born 1878).

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