Marriege romance dating sri lanka mail to mail 2016

This isn’t a problem restricted to cross-cultural relationships.

Anyone’s family has the potential to be difficult, even if you are from the same culture or country.

When I asked my Nepali boyfriend if there was anything I needed to know about how to behave in his village, he thought for a few moments. Village people don’t understand.” That seems easy enough to me!

Cultural differences don’t always translate into cultural problems, and if they do, I’ll face them when they occur rather than be put off from the beginning. It’s not a component of society where I come from, and even if it was, I’m certain I’d disapprove of it.

It’s true that there are many cross-cultural relationships in Nepal, often involving Western women and Nepali men (more so than the other way around). At the end of the day, I have faith that most people in this world are good and wish others no harm.

I see that as a sign that open-mindedness is abundant here, and the potential for compatability, understanding and respect between Nepalis and Westerners is high. I may be brave for many reasons, and I’ll welcome any compliments sent my way.

“Boys are allowed to stay out as late as they want? Boys have no problem.” “That’s not fair.” “No, is not fair,” Sarasi said slowly, washing her rice-covered hands in the bowl of water on the table.

This is a very vague way of saying that we might do things differently.

Well, I know people from my own country who do things differently to me, too.

“But I think is not good if girls are outside at night. But only if I want to.” Sarasi tilted her head and let her jaw fall open, pressing her tongue against the back of her crooked upper teeth for a moment before she spoke.

Because if boys see us, they try to grab us.” “That’s awful,” I said, letting the ball of curry I was about to eat fall out of my hand. “But I think is normal to be raped in your country.” “No, no, no,” I said, shaking my head vigorously.

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Life in an economically poor country may come with specific challenges, but not everyone actually wants to leave permanently. Both my boyfriend and I have careers that enable a lot of travel—me as a freelance writer and editor, he as an outdoor adventure sport guide—so if we decide we want to be together long-term, the potential to travel together, or divide our time between our home countries, is on the cards. It may be one small component, the cause of an initial spark, but unless there’s something more, it’s unlikely to lead to a deeper relationship.

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