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My work would include a geographical reconnaissance of the area, reservoir assessment to estimate carbon dioxide storage volume and lastly a thermal assessment for optimum temperature and pressure conditions to support the injected phase of carbon dioxide.​ The provenance of mineral dust in West Antarctica: Insights into past atmospheric circulation and continental aridity​ Mineral dust lofted up into the atmosphere has both a direct and an indirect effect on the climate system.

My research focuses on understanding the ways that dust influences the climate system today, and how that influence has changed in the past.

Using integrated laboratory experiments and field studies, I examine the interactive impacts of ocean acidification with other chemical stressors on harmful algal bloom (HAB) phytoplankton species including .

Specifically, I assess triggering of seismic activity related to the true fortnightly and fortnightly modulations of diurnal and semidiurnal tides at the East Pacific Rise through a dataset from an Ocean Bottom Seismometer array that was deployed from October 2003 to January 2007.

This investigation produced estimates of mantle temperature and melt content within the rift and also highlighted the potential location of melt segregation along a steeply dipping lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary.

​ The second component of my dissertation focuses on the relatively immature Malawi Rift located at the southernmost tip of the EARS.

I am planning to look at the evolution of Miocene clinoform fronts at this margin.​ In my last chapter, I am going to evaluate the ocean crustal sites at Reykjanes ridge, offshore Iceland for carbon dioxide sequestration in layers of deep-sea basalt.

This work aims to look for an offshore extension of the onshore Carb Fix project launched in 2007.

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