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Interestingly, modern historical examination of the occult tradition suggests a shadow of truth in Joseph's statement: Kabbalah and Hermeticism, as representatives of a historical stream of occult knowledge (or as reservoirs of Gnosticism) did claim ancient lineages of "priesthood." Joseph had every reason to take those claims seriously, as do historians today, albeit within a narrower interpretive context.In this light, Joseph's connection to Masonry takes on several different shades of meaning.I found myself centered in a fight to end a horribly discriminatory policy, and also centered in the attention of pop culture.

Noted historian of occultism Arthur Edward Waite suggested in his 1923 encyclopedia of Freemasonry that much of the "great" and "incomprehensible" heart of Masonry came from Kabbalah, "the Secret Tradition of Israel." He finds such important Masonic symbols as the Lost Word, the Temple of Solomon, the pillars Jachin and Boaz, the concept of the Master-Builder, and restoration of Zion, all derived from the lore of Kabbalah.

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Grande and Davidson, both 24, are relatively fresh off breakups: Grande confirmed her split with her boyfriend of nearly two years, Mac Miller, earlier this month; Davidson revealed he and his girlfriend Cazzie David had ended their relationship of two years just last week.: "It just started and is casual," a source told each outlet.

One could argue that he even interacted with them in a creative, visionary sense.

Joseph's contacts with the Hermetic mythos were sufficient to generate vague assumptions about Masonry's earlier roots, and these assumptions could have been an historical subtext to his remarks about Masonry being a remnant of ancient priesthood.

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