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The name of the movie he worked in was called Agents of Secret Stuff.

Better known by his You Tube username Nigahiga, he is known for his comedy videos including the popular "Nice Guys," "How to be Gangster," and "The ipod Human." He has accumulated more than 19 million subscribers.

For, he gives away pro dating tips to his followers on his channel.

Well, for him to share suggestions related to love life, he needs to have the knowledge in this regard.

Older brother of Ryan Higa, AKA Nigahiga on You Tube.

He brother worked with and began dating Tarynn Nago.

Ryan, who has attended an impressive height in his career as a famous Youtuber, has his fans located all around the globe.

And it's evident that his followers have utmost desire to know about his life details, his love life being the most prominent one.

As per the online sources, Higa’s net worth is reported to be around million.The company includes Sean Fujiyoshi which works together to make a content for the nigahiga channel. #olympics #iwokeuplikethis #The Third Sib @alexshibutani @maiashibutani A post shared by notryanhiga (@notryanhiga) on Ryan Higa is pretty uptight in sharing his personal details to the outer world like public and media.I couldnt find a pic with both of them so I had to put my photoshop skills to work.. Although thousand o his fans and paparazzi follow him regularly he has managed to keep his personal life below the curtains.But, Ryan was rumored to be dating Arden Cho, a famous model, and actress.Thank you Chicago (or more specifically "Naperville" so that y'all don't yell at me) we sold out again!

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