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My amazing husband works at a local golf course/country club.Each year they host a PGA tour event and this is the second year I have gone to watch cute golfers/hang out/day drink with my favorite golf enthusiast.Acqua di Gioia was created by three perfumers: Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, who see it as Eve's seduction and as fragrance turned completely towards the nature. Today I finally tested it and fell in love with it's strong, fresh aquatic nature which has no stingy, sharp notes in it, no melon and no water lily (I am tired of those). It's fresh, clean and feminine, yet it's not too sweet, so you won't feel it's only meant for teens.The perfume can be purchased as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP, along with 200 ml body lotion. At the same it still has a youthfulness that makes it easily wearable for teens as well.This is totally unsurprising because I'm finding that "fresh" or "aquatic" scents just feel bleh to me. I can very vividly imagine this wafting towards me in a dentist's waiting room because a desk person used too much of it. Smells soapy to me and reminiscent of Burberry Brit Sheer. It's like two different perfumes in one, like yin and yang. Couldn't smell any mint in it, which was the reason I tried it. Honestly, it smells the best when you are by a sea breeze or in an air-conditioned office. ) that will there for 5-6 hours on my skin, longer on clothes.

Structure of the composition pushes the limits from fresh citruses to a floral heart which encompasses aquatic jasmine, dewy peony and pink pepper, while a base closes with cedar, yellow sugar and labdanum. It doesn't really matter if it's summer or fall or winter ; it wears well for a day regardless of the weather or season. It's funny, I always knew without testing, that I would love Aqua Di Gioia. What I really appreciate about this scent is that (imho) any age group could rock this, anytime, anywhere.

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Acqua di Gioia is a new fragrance by Giorgio Armani, presented in March 2010.

Inspired by several summer holidays spent on the islands of Pantelleria and Antigua, where Armani has his villas, the fragrance was lead by the idea of escape into nature, a heavenly place of real holiday where we restore the energy necessary to body and soul, and where we create natural balance.

Its flacon was made as a natural shape – water drops which are clear, airy, and pellucid. It used to be a staple for me in my 20s and it's really hard to talk about single notes here because it's such a signature fragrance to me that as soon as I catch a whiff of it I just know it's Acqua di Gioia.

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