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WEP was formed in 2006 and the group aims to understand regional differences in English across our state – including its distinct vocabulary, pronunciations, idioms and ethnic influences, among other things.

There really is such a thing as Sconnie speak, dontcha know. Our Wisconsin dialect has mainly been influenced by the northern and central European language family.

Verbal or physical harassment, gossip, contemptuous speech, or unwelcome touching, romantic or sexual advances are not acceptable forms of behavior.

It is important that this group is a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

We know that sometimes things come up and you cannot make it at the last minute, so if you cannot attend an event at the last minute please message the organizer of that event so they know not to look for you.

SPAM/SCAM or Unwelcome solicitations via the Meetup personal messaging Please report any "questionable" private messages from strangers.

And because of this northern European influence, we tend to drop the “th” and replace it with a “d” – creating words like dis, dat, dem, dere, dese or dose.

Here’s one that I’m not really a fan of, but that you hear often around here, and especially at a greasy spoon dinner.

If you are looking for a welcoming and energetic group, you are invited to join us!! Instructions are here, after you become a member of our group.

https:// attend a minimum of one (1) event in 6 months because the main purpose of these groups is to MEET UP!

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