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The Internet is a gateway to everything virtual; because of this complex feature, it can be a portal for data corruption.Indiscriminate access to the Internet, especially in public networks, like a café, Wi-Fi exposes the computer, laptops, and the data transmitted from it to risks.With regard to VPN trials, some VPN service providers allow the users to download their products for free, active for a certain number of days.

What is important is that the VPN software satisfies the security needs of the user and is compatible with the device used.With a VPN Connection you can also secure your WIFI Connection when you use it at a unsafe hotspot like at Starbucks or Mc Donalds.Connectivity is once again given a new face with the improvement and updates made on the virtual private network (VPN) system.Now, correspondence has been radically improved from the regular phone call to email correspondence and teleconferencing and others. But the revelations of the whistleblower-hero Edward Snowden showed that the internet is under extreme surveillance from NSA, GCHQ, Prism, Tempora and other criminal organisations.It is up to you to protect our privacy online against them.

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