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These were liberally endowed by the founder and his wife, Eschina. Samuel Eutherford : "I have examined not only many registers, but also original papers relating to Eoxburgshire and elsewhere, but nowhere can I find any information on the point, and it seems to have baffled others also." Henry Howe, in his History of Virginia, speaks of some of the family as lineal descendants of Eev. Of his eight or more children, all died except the daughter, Agnes, while he yet lived, and many have supposed that these children all died young, but this may not be the case. Many of Walter's successors contributed bountifully to its support until it became one of the most opulent monasteries in the south of Scotland; and in so doing builded better than they knew, for while these Princes were growing in power and possessions, a spirit of Republicanism was being, unconsciously perhaps, fostered by these holy men, and early in their history we find them contend- ing for their right to choose their religious teachers, this spirit lead- ing up gradually, but surely, to the great upheaval of the 16th cen- tury, when prince and potentate were compelled to yield to the spirit of reformation which swept over the land, led by Kriox, that faithful disciple of Calvin, completely revolutionizing affairs, after which the Eeformed Church came to be acknowledged the true head of the PREFACE. One of his sons may have been the John who married Isabella Alleine. Houston is mentioned in a manu- script left by his father as being seventh in descent from this Eev. This would make John, our an- cestor, the son of Eev. There were several branches of this Eutherford family with some fourteen different armorial bearings, variations however of the one here given, which was adopted by the family as early as 1260, when Sir Nichol de Euthifurd joined Sir William Wallace with a well- armed company of sixty warriors. Andrews where he died and was buried, this is the line through which we might trace ! ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01797 4582 GENEALOGY 929,2 W1522W Iujjy L^ GENEALOGY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN WALKER WIGTOISr. AI^SO WAR RECORDS AND SOME FRAGMENTARY NOTES PERTAINING TO THE HISTORY OF VIRGINIA. When Columba died in 597 he left Ms monastery well established, a people converted by his efforts from paganism to Christianity, and a name which every Scotchman delights to honor. A., Searcher of Eecords at Edinburg, to whom my letter was handed : He says, "The letter to which reference is made is in the possession of the Town Council of this city, and I regret to say that the seal is now almost entirely gone, there being only a small piece left to show there was one. They estab- lished monasteries in every Caledonian county, their first Bishop be- ing Ternan, who resided at Abemethy, the Pictish capital. It is written in a very small hand, as was usual with him, and the seal on it has the armorial bearing of the Eutherford family." Upon applying to the Provost of Scotland for a description of this seal, I received the following disappointing information from Henry Paton, M. The Monks of lona, who subsisted mostly by their own labor, we are told, raised some corn and owned orchards, one of which was situated near Kirkcudbright. Although he was an avowed non-conformist and strictly attached to his principles, the moderation of his temper, as well as his general character, recommended him to the clergy and laity of sentiments different from his own, and he lived amongst them on terms of friendship and intercourse. Jenkins, Vicar of Frome-Selwood, preached his funeral sermon, and bore witness to his meekness, piety and moderation. They were bold and brave in the defense of their country, and many of them were noted for religious fervor and gifts of imagination and literary expression. Their food was of the simplest kind, consisting principally of fish, flesh and milk. He was distinguished by his plain, practical and pathetic manner of preaching, and by his assiduity in the duties of his pastoral office, such as catechizing, visiting the sick, and instructing the ignorant. The book is bound in leather and is well preserved, being at this time not less than two hundred and fifty years old. Certain it is that they have always been considered as among the most ancient and powerful families on the borders.

This order was executed at Edinburg in 1661 by the hangman, and again a few days afterwards by the infamous Sharpe under the win- dows of the author's College in St. This holy man of Anwoth faced death and persecution at the head of his little band of faithful followers, and wrote some of his most beautiful and touch- ing letters to his sorrowing brethren after he had been silenced by his King. By shallow Edwards and Scotch what d' ye call ; But we do hope to find out all your tricks, Your plots and packing worse than those of Trent, That so the Parliament May with their wholesome and preventive shears Clip your phylackeries, though balk your ears. a short time previous to his death and selected a farm upon which he erected a small building. They had al- ways been independent in heart and conscience, and valued liberty above everything else, and were found ready and willing to give up life itself when the time for action came. Samuel Eutherford by calling him "The True Saint of the Scottish Cove- nant," and it has been said that the story of his life is known wher- XXVI PEEFACE. Of ancient and honorable de- scent, he inherited the staunch Scotch spirit of upright, steadfast ad- herence to principle, which made him a martyr to the cause of relig- ious liberty. JOHN" Walker, of Wigton, the first of the name that is known to us, lived and d. John Walker, who married Katherine Eutherford and emi- grated, first to Scotland and from there to America. They were not idle when the angel of death hovered over the infant Republic, but were among XU PREFACE. Pie was born in the year 1600, in the southeastern part of Scotland, near the river Tweed, in the village of Nisbet, Eoxburg- shire, and died March 20, 1661. the first to respond when the call for help sounded from Washington, and among the last to leave the field. He received his early education at Jedburg, and when he entered the University of Edinburg in 1617, he was regarded as a precocious youth. But they were ever a modest people; their history has never been fully written except on the hearts of their countrj^men, and it is well that some little recognition of their services to their country, and to the world at large, be re- corded here, for they are fast being fused with the great mass of a population whose power of assimilation is the marvel of our times. He graduated in 1621, tak- ing a Masters degree, and two years later was elected to the chair of Logic and Belles-letters in his University.

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Thomas Walker of Castle Hill was probably the best known repre- sentative. The first mention we find of the Scottish people is in the Roman Annals about the time of Constantine, 274-337, where they are TUl PEEFACE. The Scots and Picts are often confused as one people, probably from the fact of their so often joining forces against their common enemies, the Eomans, when in reality they had no connection in lineage or native land. Dear Madam : — 1 am aware that for a long time you have been engaged in the laborious but praiseworthy task of collecting and arranging ma- terial gathered from all available sources, at home and abroad, with a view of tracing and putting on permanent record the genealogical history and interesting data of the celebrated Walker family, includ- ing the various collateral families thereunto allied, and I am glad to learn that your arduous undertaking is approaching completion. ; "Call to Archipus,"' exhorting the ejected members to continue in their min- istry, 1664, 4to. and 13mo., of which twenty thousand were sold, and after it was printed in 1675 under the title, "A Sure Guide to Heaven," fifty thousand; "Christian Letters, full of Spiritual Instruction," in 1672, 8vo. ; "Kemains, etc.," 1672, 8vo., and several other small practical pieces, besides an imperfect body of natural theology in Latin, which has not been printed. When he died, the remembered their beloved minister's words while yet with them, "If I should die fifty miles away, let me be buried at Taunton," and they found a grave for him in St. JOSEPH ALLEINE, FATHEE OF ISABEL, W^HO MAERIED EEV. He also names his brother, Francis Alleine, his brother-in-law, Alleine, and his brother, Norman.

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