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“Which I think is better than a one-night stand.” One junior boy even noticed his feelings for his current hookup of one month.

“The minute you hit long-term, you’ve become a couple,” he says.

” If the answer is terrible, upset, or frustrated, Coleman says this is because, although neither of you had discussed the situation, you may have felt like you two were a couple.

Ultimately, since these long-term hookups aren’t usually declared as exclusive, “jealousy always interferes when the other person finds someone else,” Coleman says. Pittsburgh University senior, Jordan, says, “If both people are clear that you are just hooking up then there is no reason to be upset if they hook up with someone else.

Her Campus spoke with America’s Dating Doctor – the real life Hitch – David Coleman, along with college guys and girls about these long-term hookups to help us answer the question of: how casual is your long-term hookup? The first issue is deciding what qualifies as “long-term.” In our survey of forty-four college students from various schools across the country, fifty-four percent of respondents said that they consider a long-term hookup to be one lasting at least over one month.

*Most of the students in our survey chose to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. Eighty percent said sometime in the past they had been in, what they considered to be a long-term hookup.

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