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None held her interest for very long, until one night at the 1989 Soul Train Awards, when she met Bobby Brown.

“I’ll be honest—I tried to tell Nippy from the beginning that I didn’t think Bobby was good for her,” Cissy writes. (But she did at the World Cup.)The 1991 Super Bowl’s organizers asked Whitney to make a “safety tape” as a precaution, but she never used it, Cissy writes: “The producers had wanted her to lip-sync it, but Nippy was like me—she couldn’t do it.

It was beyond disturbing, seeing my daughter’s face cut out like that.

Cissy believes a major turning point in Whitney’s spiral downward was an incident in the summer of 1997, when Whitney and Bobby were on a cruise together in the Mediterranean and, somehow, Whitney ended up with a deep cut to her face.Whitney met Robyn Crawford—and Cissy didn’t like it one bit.Whitney often kept personal details from her mother and because of this, Cissy was often totally in the dark about Whitney’s personal and drug problems.Seeing how he walked out of a screening of The Bodyguard after watching Whitney and Kevin Costner kiss, Cissy figures it was because he was intimidated by Denzel Washington, who was “handsome, accomplished, and one of the most beloved actors around.” Bobby, “like many men, might have been too insecure to want his wife around that.” He also simply “had a hard time living in Nippy’s shadow.She was one of the biggest stars in the world, and he was just never as big as she was.

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