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AC: When I first read the script and knew Zac was playing [Charlie] it was exciting!

We had read together a couple of times and he was always really cool.

He did a good job of putting me at ease because that's kind of a stressful situation! There was a lot of falling over - my legs were covered in bruises!

He's so down-to-earth and humble and genuine and supportive. There are a lot of steamy scenes in this film, so were you nervous for your serious make-out sesh with Zac? He's this gorgeous boy, he's got a great personality, a great sense of humor and then you add that into the mix - it wasn't a hard job! So, did you guys have any embarrassing moments on set? But it was really fun and I really started to get into it.

And even after that whole day, he stood out there for 45 minutes, signed everyone's picture, took photos, and talked to everyone. Zac awesome BUT if you could star opposite any other hot actor, who would it be? [Laughs] It's weird but I've never really been the type to have fixations on the leading man actor. I love a guy on the microphone commanding an audience.He lamented, “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me!They thought it was fake.” In the past, Efron has been linked to numerous actresses such as Teresa Palmer, Lily Collins, Halston Sage, and Michelle Rodriguez.AC: I've done some of those scenes before so I was never really nervous. At first, I was like "I don't know if I really like this," but when you're sailing on your own it's a really exhilarating feeling. CG: Do you have any fun stories from when the cameras weren't filming? AC: We hung out any moment that we weren't filming - Zac, Auggie [he plays Alistair], Davy [he plays Sully].We spent so much time together before we started filming - we had rehearsals and sailing training. Both Zac and I had personal trainers because we wanted to look like we could actually sail those boats. It was always a challenge to figure out places to go because Zac can't just go anywhere. Any crazy fan encounters when you were spending all this time with Zac?

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CG caught up with Amanda for some good old-fashioned girl talk where she told us all about her awkward moments on set, what the cast did together when the cameras weren't rolling and of course, what it was like to lock lips with Zac! Amanda Crew: Well, I think number one is Zac Efron. And there are so many different messages in the story about life and living in the moment. Tess is not just a pretty girl - she has morals, she's strong, and she knows what she wants in life.

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