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In addition to celebrating his 55th birthday last fall, Adams released his twelfth studio album, "Tracks of My Years," a chart-topping mix of covers and new material.

Now Adams is bringing his epic back catalogue of hits out on a giant Canadian tour beginning this week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his classic rock record "Reckless." (Yep, that's the one with "Heaven," "Summer of '69," "It's Only Love" and "Run To You." To get you pumped for Bryan Adams’ guaranteed-to-be-awesome upcoming concert in a city near you, here’s a look at 25 things you (probably) didn't know about the Canadian music icon.

"The most important tool is the score," said the director who was working on "Pretty Woman: The Musical" in Chicago in 2016, while he was rehearsing the musical "Gotta Dance" (later retitled "Half Time").

At night after "Half Time" rehearsals ended, he'd discuss the score with Adams and Vallance, adding his two-cents about the songs and what they needed to propel the story.

By the next morning, the duo had produced a new tune.

As Vallance explains, nothing sparks the creative juices like a looming deadline. "The past two years have been about making Jerry happy," said Vallance.

"If he's thrilled, we're thrilled." Since rehearsals began in January, the show has changed 12 times, joked Mitchell, who doesn't hesitate to trim -- entire production numbers even -- if it improves the show. "Sometimes more is more." Of the 35 songs Vallance and Adams composed, 23 made the final cut.

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It wasnt all about Bryan Ferry this time, who was incredible I might add, a special mention should be given to his backing orchestra who were outstanding musicians.

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