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The audience coordinator wants to know exactly who is in his audience, and that they are who they say they are.

These Two Kids Never Dreamed They'd Be Able To Start A Business In Their Neighborhood Growing up in the hood, Khristian and Chris wanted to work for themselves but didn't know how, until Reginald came along and helped them start Black Bee Honey.

Winfrey found this to be a challenge considering Taylor had been married seven times.

Taylor returned to the show in 1992, apologized to Winfrey and told her that she was in excruciating back and hip pain at the time.

The show has been highly influential, and many of its topics have penetrated into the American pop-cultural consciousness.

Winfrey has used the show as an educational platform, featuring book clubs, interviews, self-improvement segments, and philanthropic forays into world events. Chicago, a half-hour morning talk show airing on WLS-TV, an ABC owned-and-operated station in Chicago.

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