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Jones has famously dated a wealth of white women in his time, but he told gives the time of day to blondes. Years ago, when racial tensions were at some of their worst, the legends were bedding and wedding these women to embarrass white men. Because they think that’s all you like, but that’s stupid, man. Charlie Parker, everybody there, was married to a white wife.” Jones claimed that it provided them with a sense of liberation — even if none of those marriages worked out. “Charlie…I used to go to things with Charlie Parker, man—boy, he’d have everybody smoke some weed and he’d have, like, the founders of Sears Roebuck, the ladies walking around the pool, all of them nude, man. Them cats didn’t play.” If you’d like a better idea of the dating habits of Jones, hit the flip to see (some of) the women, white and Black, whom Quincy Jones has dated and loved in his lifetime.“How stupid can that be, when you’re in South Africa and Cairo and Brazil and China—looking for a f–king blonde? When the interviewer said they weren’t aware it was a perception of Jones, he replied, “Well, because I had three wives, white wives, and they stereotype, you know. Here’s what you’ve got to understand: The interracial thing was part of a revolution, too, because back in the ’40s and stuff, they would say, ‘You can’t mess with a white man’s money.… Joseph Railroad - Seminary - During the Civil War - Condition of Chillicothe Since the War - The Sisters' Academy - Churches - Lodges - Biographical. The progress of the town for two years thereafter was fairly rapid and substantial. The Confederate sympathizers, especially, found their lot an unpleasant one. Hale were men of high character, incapable of dishonorable conduct either, in peace or war, and it is largely due to them that the lives and property of the citizens were so well preserved. In 1855, he became a citizen of this county but in 1874 left here for Grundy county, where his home now is, he being 78 years of age.Chillicothe township is very irregular in form, comprising portions of three Congressional townships in two ranges, and in shape is something like the letter L. From 1,200 in January, 1859, the population increased to 1,800 or 2,000 by January, 1861. This institution continued until 1866, when in November of that year it was succeeded by the People's Savings Bank.1 1 The first officers of this bank were Col. Perhaps they were inclined to magnify their discomforts, but they certainly endured at times insult and something of injury. Immediately after the war a tide of prosperity set in. Additions to the city were laid out and rapidly settled. Lydia Moss was the maiden name of his wife, like himself a Kentuckian by birth and of Virginia lineage.

It is of most excellent quality, containing no sulphuret of iron, or any other deleterious substances. At a depth of 155 feet from the surface a six-inch vein was passed, but this was the only stratum found. Paul Railroad projects are broached to make search for coal in other parts of the township. At the close of the war a system of graded schools was established under a special charter from the State, and in 1876 the present magnificent building was erected at a cost of ,000. The First Church was in existence some time prior to 1858, for in that year the first church building, a brick structure, was erected. In 1872 he entered actively upon his professional practice and has since continued it at this place, losing no ground but maturing in ability and gaining a broader knowledge of the law as his practice has improved in character and importance. Gill was married to Miss Lou Ball, of Grundy county, Mo.

article where he talked about a little bit of everything, including his gaggle of girlfriends from around the world.

There are 22 to be exact, between the ages of 28 and 42 and from places like Cairo, Stockholm, Rio and Cape Town. “Don’t you ever forget they’re 13 years smarter than we are.

The blacksmiths and iron workers of Chillicothe use this coal, and prefer it for their purposes to any other they can procure. There is but little room for doubting that it will be found in paying quantities at a reasonable depth from the surface. Elisha Hereford settled on Grand river, South of Chillicothe, near the site of Hereford's ferry in 1834; the previous year he had located on Medicine creek, eight miles east of Chillicothe. Boyd's Atlas sketch says was the first in the county, but this is a mistake; Saml. Todd's was the first horse mill, antedating Wilkerson's by a year or two. This was not effected without opposition, however, which all public enterprises must expect to meet. But in truth nearly every man in the city is their friend. This was sold and in 1867 the present house, on lots 5 and 8, block 37, was built by the Vine Street organization, costing perhaps ,000. Five children have blessed their happy married life: Laura, Eddie, Burt and Forrest and Ross, twins.

It is quite probable that the Caldwell county formation will be struck at no great depth, or the Linn county beds reached lower down. The land in the northern part of Chillicothe township was not opened to entry until 1839; that in the lower part, in ranges 28 and 24, township 57, was put in market in 1835. The bonds issued to build the school finally came into the hands of one Mr. In 1869 a two-story brick building was erected to be used and occupied as a city hall, and to contain the city offices. The pastors of this church, so far as can now be learned, have been Revs. The manufacturing interests of this portion of the county are ably represented among others by Engelbert and Henry Gier, who have been located at Chillicothe for something like six years.

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At the mill he returned with the information that the place could be captured, but that in doing so somebody would be killed; and that the Federal fortification could not be taken without the loss of a dozen men. On another page (see chapter VII.) an account is given of the dispersion of a force of rebels under Joe Kirk by Col. As there are some errors in this account it is deemed proper to correct them here; for since the account referred to has been put in type statements have been received from Capt. Several business houses of the city do a large jobbing trade, and carry from $25,000 to $50,000 worth of goods. Louis for a year, then returning to this place, where he has since remained, aiding by his industry in doing much for the city and advancing her interests to a greater degree than would ho expected.

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