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This forecast, in particular that of the CD, is an estimate that will change at the next schedule up-date.

Actions do NOT need to be taken at each schedule up-date should the CD slip beyond the required one.• This will consist of reviewing the critical paths, the sequence and duration of their activities and identifying what changes to the execution, such as doing some activities in parallel, increasing resources to reduce a task duration, changing the work sequence or method etc. From a contractual and commercial perspective, the up-date of the level 3 schedule is highly critical as the level 3 is the only tool that fully identifies and supports the existence of a causal link between the event and its consequence that is: a delay of activities of the critical path.

During an Updating Run, CAU transparently puts each node of the cluster into node maintenance mode, temporarily fails over the “clustered roles” off it to other nodes, installs the updates and any dependent updates on the first node, performs a restart if necessary, brings the node back out of maintenance mode, fails back the original clustered roles back onto the node, and then proceeds to update the next node.

CAU is cluster workload-agnostic, and it works great with Hyper-V, and a number of File Server workloads. Self-Updating: Once configured by you, CAU can run on a cluster node that it is meant to update.

For instance, as soon as more information among a category of equipment will be known, one of them will need to be singled out as a long lead time, or requiring more time for assembly etc.

E, P and C activities for this equipment will be separated form that of its equipment group by creating new activities.• Revisit each critical path, check that the sequence is correct, e.g.

Do I have to update my GPS / FMS Nav Data every cycle? Without regular updates, it would be virtually impossible for you to know which changes affect you. For your convenience, we make our updates available 7 to 10 days prior to the effective date.

Every 28 days, there are on average more than 85,000 changes to the Nav database. Yes, there is an effective date, and Nav Data updates for GPS and FMS equipment are only good for the specific, 28-day time period indicated.

CAU allows you to update clustered servers with little or no loss in availability during the update process.

Thus from an initial duration of 20 days, the updated duration shall be 30 days. As this activity is linked to predecessors, it might shift automatically through the schedule logic as a result of the shift of its successor(s) due to start or finish in the reported periods and up-dated in steps 1 and 2.

Using the first method and entering the 50% percent progress figure would have the scheduling software calculate a remaining duration of 10 days (as 50% progress in 10 days leads to 100% of the activity to be completed in 20 days).• If the activity has not started in the reported period, put a forecast start as a fixed date (constraint), as advised by the concerned discipline. Additionally, the planner might change the remaining duration, if required.

These updates includes a snapshot of daily/weekly air traffic for the each season listed. to cover the cost of each new dataset we purchase from our provider.

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