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Currently, more than four million Puerto Ricans and their descendants live in the US.The following list contains members of the Puerto Rican community.His beat includes books, social media, dance, theater, art, museums, and classical music.

And when I came here, I was lucky to find so many different spaces where my work was welcomed. Often, the United States is seen as monolingual, and that’s not the case at all.My plan was go back eventually to Puerto Rico, but then I fell in love with a Philadelphian, Philly-raised. As a Puerto Rican, and as a person self-identifying as a migrant, you have very mixed feelings about this country, with its burdened colonial past, its prejudices, its class structure. I don’t identify as an American, but I identify as a Philadelphian!That’s a common experience for a lot of people, often unspoken.Yet Philly is still very segregated along racial lines, and people often stay within their communities.There are ways of changing that, putting people into spaces they wouldn’t ordinarily be in.

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The new laureate will read, as will Husnaa Hashim, announced in September as the new youth poet laureate.

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