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“The good news item coming out of implementation from 2009 is the vast majority of things we wanted to implement under plan have been completed,” Ms. “Council initiated this process in January of this year.We met with a number of boards and commissions, help open houses with the community, also had direct presentations and discussions with all of the different community groups.” Councilman David Smith feared agreeing to amended height regulations within the downtown area, prior to knowing what could be built on the plats of land.It's a file that most websites update with their newest blog posts, videos, deals and more, so you can "subscribe" to sites and have new content automatically pushed to you.Instead of checking the 40 websites you follow, you can just open an RSS reader app and see what's new on all of those sites together.City officials presented an update to the 2009 Downtown Plan to Scottsdale’s elected leaders, seeking feedback and discussion prior to formal action later this summer. Planning, Neighborhood and Transportation Manager Erin Perreault says the majority of changes are around land use.“First off we’re not proposing to change any of the types of land uses that you can have in downtown, or the location of those land uses, so those will remain the same,” Ms. City officials say, overall, the proposed changes include: “I think one of the biggest problems Scottsdale (has) had in the past is we’ve piece-mealed too many properties and they don’t match. Perreault says halfway through a plan’s shelf life, which is 10 years, staff assesses the plan for relevance and viability.

(You can disagree with others courteously, without being disagreeable.) Feel free to express yourself but keep an open mind toward finding value in what others say.Scottsdale City Council is expected to consider formal action on new downtown development parameters for Old Town Scottsdale Monday, July 2.A June 6 study session eying proposed changes in the plan included introducing new types of development — type 2.5 and type 3 — to identify existing areas where the highest scale development can occur in Old Town. The plan update also has a companion text amendment to implement changes.To report abuse or spam, click the X in the upper right corner of the comment box. Even if you only set out to read the most important articles and watch the top videos, you'll never get done.

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