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Women want you to say a certain thing, and they want it to come off a certain way, but they will never, ever, tell you their secrets.

This leaves you to bumble around, saying things that you think are nice, but in reality are just going to enrage her.

Maybe you're relieved, maybe you're heartbroken -- or a bit of both.

But however you got here, the question now is where do you go from here?

You may be asking yourself, what is wrong with this one? You may think I am exaggerating, but that is where a woman's mind goes when you say something like that. Here are 10 Innocent Compliments That Will Actually Insult Her. We get what you are trying to say here, but she doesn't want to be one of the guys, and she sure doesn't want to think that you think that she is one of the guys. She could be single for a lot of reasons, maybe her ex cheated and she doesn't trust men anymore.If she really is cool and funny, just say that, don't throw in "you're like a guy" at the end of it. Maybe she's been taking time for herself because of some personal tragedy.Here are eight of the first steps: Nobody gets married thinking, "I sure hope we can get divorced someday!" Even if, by the time you split, the divorce was something you wanted, a divorce still represents a loss.

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